Hi, I'm Sallyann and I love yoga because

I find it is an opportunity to connect with my whole self, body, breath, emotions, mind, spirit. I come home. My personal practise enables me to stay grounded, relaxed, peaceful, joyful and calm.

I love to teach yoga

To enable others to feel good in themselves, to accept where they are at, and embrace the whole self, no matter what. I enjoy helping participants to find some inner joy through a wholistic practise, and seeing them leave with a smile on their face.

I came to yoga

Via a background in dance, and have always loved movement and music. I started teaching adult exercise classes at a very young age, and used an old yoga book of my mums for inspiration. It was in my late 20's that I refound yoga, and during the class I felt bubbles of Joy exploding in my body. After babies, and health issues, I came back to yoga in a therapeutic form, and this was when I fell in love with Dru Yoga. There was a warmth to the teachings that I hadn't experienced before, and the deep relaxation I make as my go to self care technique, continues to have a profound effect on my body and mind.

My classes are filled with

Warmth, kindness, genuine caring, fun, positivity, and adaptability for all levels.

People say they love my classes because

  • I feel able to relax and be my true self
  • I love the energy in the room and sense of community

  • My overall increased flexibility, balance, and strength have enabled huge improvements to my daily life

  • Sallyann gives individualised attention and adaptations to suit all, but always in such a positive and encouraging manner.  We are always reminded to check in and work at whatever level we wish. I find this really empowering, and in line with "Acceptance Yoga", doing what you are capable of in this given moment.