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Dru yoga, Term 2, 2019
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 Term 2, 2019 - Classes currently postponed   9.30am - 11.00am (gentle) 

  • Monday morning class is based in the Dru style of yoga with

  • Activations - to warm up the body and get blood and oxygen flowing, fun moves with music

  • Energy Block Release - (EBR) - to release stuck energy at all levels of your being

  • Breath-work and Body Preps/Stretches or Strengthening

  • Elegant flowing postures or Sequences that bring infinite strength and grace

  • Guided Deep Relaxation leaving you feeling nourished and peaceful

Visualisations and affirmations are used during the class that may help transform health and well being by balancing energies of body, heart and mind.

A gentle flow class for BEGINNERS/INTERMEDIATE or if you’re re-starting your practice after a break, working with an injury, or maybe just want to stick to a softer-style practice. I encourage you to cultivate a connection with your body. Expect MINDFUL movement, gently lengthening muscles & loosening joints, guided breath work and less-threatening yoga poses, with modifications made to keep them accessible and safe for YOU, in the body you’re in right now. Friendly and supportive.

Beginner Yoga Series
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Beginner Yoga Series - Classes currently postponed 6.00pm - 7.00pm

  • Learn basic Yoga Posture/Asana Technique and Alignment

  • Slow Mindful Movements to build Strength and Flexibility

  • Create Ease in Body and Mind

  • No sequences or fancy poses, or taking you out of your comfort zone

    A safe learning environment where Men, Women or Teens are cared for and accepted whilst building confidence to say “I do Yoga” It is not about how fit or strong you are, we focus on Foundational aspects of the pose, correct alignment for your body and staying mindful throughout the process. This class is also perfect if you’re re-starting your practice after a break or working with an injury. Friendly and Supportive.

All equipment supplied. Please bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothing. Yoga practice is best with an empty stomach. It's best to not eat for 1 - 2 hours prior; you may need longer.

Terms & Conditions

Bookings are required to be paid in advance in order to reserve a place.

  • Payments for Yoga classes are non-refundable.

  • Commitment is for the term. This ensures you are making a positive commitment to your health and well being and to me as your teacher. Acceptance Yoga With Sallyann does not accept responsibility for participants' non attendance of classes due to changes in personal or business circumstances/commitments during the term. Credit will not be issued for classes missed due to personal circumstances/commitments.

  • Acceptance Yoga with Sallyann holds the right to cancel or reschedule any classes, sessions, or events due to illness or other urgent situations. Acceptance Yoga With Sallyann will notify students of the rescheduled date.

 Class Etiquette

  • TURN OFF mobile phones before class.

  • Arrive by the start time of your class, and please be respectful and maintain the quiet space.

  • If you have any new injuries, medical updates, please advise Sallyann before class, and remember to stop at any stage during class if pain is present. Always listen to your own inner wisdom, and only do what you feel up to. Remember you can always lie down and rest, or use a chair or wall for support.